Kickstart Flute

Welcome to this online tutorial, a very different flute teaching method, to help you either get started with flute playing or develop the level of flute playing that you already have.
The tutorial is based around 24 duets encompassing all genres of music, written by Andy Scott, one of the most versatile and exciting composers writing today.

Each lesson will introduce you to all the basics of learning the flute, with special emphasis on the material required to play the duets: notes, rhythms, articulations, fingerings and dynamics. Plus, all the information you need to develop your tone, finger technique, articulation and musicality.

Your Flute

First you need a flute! There are many starter flutes in the market. I play a Trevor James 10x flute, which is their award winning entry-level flute, for all the duets. I find this to be very reliable, easy to blow, stable mechanism and with excellent intonation.

For more information contact:

You can rent a flute from Trevor James first for a few months to see how you progress, before deciding which flute to buy.

There are many beginner books on the market, but in this tutorial the emphasis is on learning through the fun of playing all types of music. I will guide you through the process and introduce you to a new way of learning the flute!

Flute and music

Time to get started!

There are 4 Pre-lessons to introduce you to the basics of reading music. There are also some videos to help with putting your flute together, holding the flute, and keeping it balanced.

If you can already read music, read through the Pre-lessons and then jump to Lesson 1.
The 24 Duets each have their own lesson. Taking you through all the keys. Each lesson gives you the information to play the duet.

The flute is one of the easiest wind instruments to learn initially and these are challenging lessons, but rewarding. The duets will help develop your knowledge and love of world music. There are also many musical examples throughout the method from the classics.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful Duets as much as I do. Learning should be fun as well as educational.
Let me Kickstart your love for all things flute!

Many thanks to:

Clare Southworth